Activity 1: Genome Tools – Annotation and functional analysis for genes and complex

WP 1.1 Transcriptome of full length cDNAs
WP 1.2 SNPs and haplotypes for assisting complex trait analysis

Activity 2: Nuclear transfer in the rat

WP 2.1 Characterisation of early rat embryos
WP 2.2 Preparation/optimisation of nuclear donor cells
WP 2.3 Screening potential nucleus donor cells

Activity 3: Rat biological resources and toxicogenetics

WP 3.1 Provision of a repository of live and frozen rat strains
WP 3.2 Toxicogenetics and pharmacogenetics
WP 3.3 Rat heterogeneous stock (HS)

Activity 4: Rat genome informatics

WP 4.1 Development of data mining resources
WP 4.2 User survey, training and use-case development

Activity 5: Gene expression analysis as tool for gene identification

WP 5.1 Gene expression in congenic strains
WP 5.2 Gene expression in recombinant inbred strains
WP 5.3 Microarray data management
WP 5.4 Proteomics

Activity 6: Rat gene discovery and applications of the rat model to human disease

WP 6.1 Cardiovascular diseases
WP 6.2  Inflammatory diseases